2016 dating in chile

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Where applicable, exclusive discounts on purchases will be available. ’ inspired the idea,” said Marybeth Bentwood, Executive Director of Wines of Chile USA.

“We thought speed-dating would be a perfect environment for wine lovers to discover new, premium Chilean wines.

” Don’t hesitate to sprinkle your speech with this expression to add some extra Chilean flavor to your Spanish communication.

You’ll probably startle some locals but will hopefully earn a bit of respect for attempting to go native. Now that you’ve got “yes” and “no” as well as basic conjugation under your belt, let’s explore three areas of Chilean life – dating, nightlife and work – in which you’re likely to hear the most slang… The first time a taxi driver, intrigued by your foreign accent, asks you the traditional triumvirate of questions – “Where are you from? ” “Do you have a If you liked learning all this colorful (and incredibly useful) Spanish, then you’ll love Fluent U.

You may think you have, at long last, mastered Spanish. It’s all only made worse by Chilenismos, words and expressions exclusively used in Chile.

But don’t despair: take a last swig of your , which comes from the English “to catch” and means “to understand,” literally translates to, “You get me?

It’s a time to explore new flavors and personalities. Hosted at Total Wine & More stores, attendees enjoy an introduction to Chilean wine and sample nine premium wines that showcase the vast diversity of Chile’s terroirs, paired with artisanal cheese and charcuterie.

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