Against mandating residential fire sprinkler epo 4 0 global updating

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Then came a threat from a place they thought was buttoned up: South Carolina.It happened hours into a marathon session of the obscure council that sets state building codes.After smoke detectors were required, fire deaths in the United States fell more than 40 percent from about 6,000 a year to roughly 3,500 annually, according to the federal Department of Homeland Security.

Home Builders would be happy to construct and install a fire sprinkler system in a new home homes include a fire sprinkler system.

California and Maryland already required residential sprinkler systems, but if South Carolina fell, other more conservative states might follow. Fucked.” While Nix denies saying that, Zubia instantly found himself in hot water. There, Zubia says he was pushed to resign, the second state fire marshal forced out by the governor after advocating for sprinklers. The battle over sprinklers has consequences beyond politics.

Nix locked eyes with the fire marshal at the council table. Before the meeting even adjourned, his phone buzzed with a text. While house fires have become less common, thanks to smoke detectors and other improvements, modern construction techniques can make new homes more vulnerable to flames than older ones.

The Legislature's Public Safety Committee once again in 2016 (7th time over the past fifteen or more years) entertained a mandate to install fire sprinklers in 1&2 family homes.

And, once again the HBRA defeated this highly expensive requirement.

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